The Jewbadours Are Back


It’s midweek , the middle of January & pretty cold right now…
Happy Wednesday !!


The Jewbadours are back !Tonight, at 8pm, the duo , Julian & Ari , will be playing a free gig at the West Cafe, in Williamsburg, NYC. It should be a great night out ! Go & listen to some classic 80s and to all the banter they are bound to throw at the crowd !! If you are in New York, make it a date & go & say hello to the Jewbadours !!

just came across this photo from Julian at
Pittsburgh, October 12
you can enlarge this pic by clicking on the image

& this is one Julian posted just now with the comment
Laundry day. My life is fascinating.
Laundry day. My life is fascinating.2

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