Updates of the making of studio album no 5

After a week of working in the clubhouse studio with his musicians & producer/ tech people, Julian is back home listening to the results so far…..Julian feels great about this new CD, each song has a special meaning to him. It is real exciting to know that it is all happening now….
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This is what Julian said about his days in the studio:

“I’m back in Brooklyn now, trying to recover from the madness of the past week. I don’t think we worked less than 15 hours any day we were at the Clubhouse. I tried hard to keep the video blogs coming, but when my camera battery died on day 3 (you’ll notice from the shaky GoPro footage below), I decided to conserve my energy for recording. I mean that’s why you guys gave me money to go up there in the first place, right?

Thankfully I eventually got the camera working again and grabbed a ton of footage…….”

you can read more of his blog on his pledge music page !

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