New Newsletter out , Project 77% funded

Yes!!!!! Great news in the JV camp ! As from Thursday, 77% of Julian’s Pledge Music project is now funded ! There are 14 days to go to fund the remaining 33% of the total funds needed & then Julian can feel more relaxed & it enables him to concentrate on writing & finishing the rest of his upcoming album ..,,

You can help to fund Julian’s campaign HERE !!!

Here is part of Julian’s Pledge Music update, for the full update head over to his Pledge Music page HERE !!!

“Only 23% More To Go + You’re Invited To My House For My Birthday
Happy Thursday Pledgers!
As you may know from the email that showed up in your inbox today, the next record is, as of the writing of this update, 77% funded! We officially crossed the 3/4 line and are in the home stretch. There’s 14 more days to go to get this next record all the way there. If you wanna grab another exclusive, can do so

Fingers crossed I’ll have a 5th new song for you before the last day. Working hard to wrangle this puppy in for you guys. Rest assured I will continue to post new songs after the goal is reached, along with updates on the album process, where I’m recording it, how’s it being made, etc. Got a lot of plans which should make this next collection of songs different and exciting . More on that as it comes….




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