Joe’s pub gig & free album

Julian’s NYC release show at Joe’s pub June 19 & free signed album !!

Julian is offering a super package for people in and around New York: Go & see him on his Concept album release show playing his new songs live at Joes pub June 19th and walk home with his new album signed !!!!

This is what Julian wrote today:
” A little shout out to my NYC peeps about a limited offer I’m running through my Pledge Music campaign: I’ve created a pledge that allows you to purchase a ticket to my Thursday June 19 album release show at Joe’s Pub + get a signed copy of my new NYC concept album! If you’re planning on coming to the show and picking up a copy of the record, this will save you at least $5 per person! I’m only offering a few of these at the moment, so get em while you can! ”
Check out Julian’s newsletter & all the details HERE !!!

For tickets for the show June 19 at Joe’s pub & a copy of the album HERE !!!

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