Jewbadours are back tonight

Late, late show in New York City tonight !!
Full Minyan band tonight at the Rockwood Music Hall, stage 1 !! The Jewbadours are back with a full band, they will be playing tonight from midnight onwards !! For how to get there & more about the band, check out their FB site: here !!!

This is also the venue where Julian will be playing June 18th !!

Julian has been working on some new songs to be released later in the year. It looks like it will be a concept album. The new songs are all about his hometown, New York. On June 18th Julian will be giving a special solo show at Rockwood Music Hall in New York. He will be performing some of his songs. It will be just Julian & a Piano…..

Julian has added a special guest to his show, the brilliant NPR’s Ask Me Another host, author and stand-up comic Ophira Eisenberg – Ophira will be firing up the audience in her special way..


Check Ophira out here !!!
Get your tickets for Julian’s very special gig on June 18th at Rockwood Music hall here !!!

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  1. April 28, 2013

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