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Topic: cost of the design personnel and management personnel should pay attention to it, in order to control the engineering cost is truly implemented.
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cost of the design personnel and management personnel should pay attention to it, in order to control the engineering cost is truly implemented.
on: June 29, 2015, 03:02

Design process and construction process. The designers of the design units in China are mostly full-time engaged in design work, has less experience and knowledge of construction, on new technology, new technology, new materials also know not enough, resulting in separation of design and construction, in the construction process of modification design, changes have occurred from time to time.

In the present circumstances, in order to really play the role spray plastering machine price of economic work, to achieve the purpose of saving plastering wall investment, it should take the following measures:

Budget employment plastering personnel should strengthen the theory study, improve their own quality. After joining the WTO, the global market integration, the domestic market is facing the "integration" of the choice, professional registration system is gradually improving. Requires that the cost of management personnel should not only have a wealth of experience, but also a solid theoretical foundation. If all day immersed in a specific job, not to grasp the information from plastering machine manufacturer the domestic and foreign markets, it is difficult to do a good job, it can not make a correct judgment on the future development of the market trend. Project phase of the cost control, not only is the cost management to improve their own quality, design staff also to improve their own quality. In addition to the study of professional and technical knowledge outside, but also master the technical knowledge economy and the economic consciousness runs through the whole design process. This will enable the scheme design phase of the r value for cement plaster cost control to do better. Department budget should be active, design personnel staff. Previous almost (pre) count work follow the years to design unit work mode, namely preliminary design after the completion of the, to estimate, budget personnel again according to the drawings budgeting, scheme design stage is almost not involved in, all by the designers of market knowledge and experience into the plan economy analysis. It's easy to cause the project investment estimation fluctuated, did not make a proper control of the project cost, bring on the preparation of the difficulty to later preliminary design budgetary estimate, budgetary estimate of design breakthrough investment estimate of the situation have occurred. So in the design phase, the budget should be initiative to participate in the design work, to design personnel to provide various design scheme of the cost index, such as the construction cost index of different foundation, and different decoration materials on the cost impact index, allows the designer to do several in the chest, in order to achieve the design optimization.

Design units should establish a variety of building types of cost database. The development of the construction market in recent years, for the design institute brings unlimited business opportunities, the output value a year than a year, various types of buildings emerge in an endless stream, prosperity of the building market, to the city add a road beautiful scenery. However, due to various reasons, the design unit of the economy does not keep pace with the rapid development of the market, there is no time to design the building. In order to improve the design to achieve from the source to control project cost, I think power design institute should set up a complete set of various types of construction cost database, including external data and the arrangement of the existing data collection, not only to facilitate the design personnel query, select and regulate the architectural design market, really make the cost control are implemented.

Economic analysis of the scheme design phase of the well done, in order to truly from the source control project cost, cost of the design personnel and management personnel should pay attention to it, in order to control the engineering cost is truly implemented.

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