By far not Over !!!

Twitter Saga continues, more ferocious than ever !! Just when all went quiet, a single little innocent (or was it ?)post by Ryan Montbleau triggered of a war of gentle bunting, or so it seemed…it’s hard to keep up , but I think it went a bit like this :

Ryan Montbleau : Good morning, 3,000 strong! We are an army, let’s take over a small country.

Julian to RyanMontbleau… more like I’m Carson and you’re Sullivan. Does this mean our Twitter War has a cease fire?

Ryan to Julian : Not with comments like that! Fpinsku, man. I’m Brock Landers, you’re Chest Rockwell.

Julian: It’s on. Let’s do it. I’m Washington, you’re my Lafayette.

Julian  to Ryan:  Montbleaus, I shall not have my authority challenged! I am Bob Hogan and you are Colonel Clink!

Ryan to Julian:  I am Paul and you are Ringo.  Velard’s numbers are a fraud.

Julian to Ryan:  size matters. I am Dirk Diggler and you are Jon Bon Jovi.

Ryan to Julian: I am Ted Williams, you are Ted Bundy.

Julian to Ryan : I am Lion-o and you are Snarf.

Ryan to Julian: I am The Undertaker, you are Paul Berra.RyanMontbleau

Julian to Ryan:  I am He-Man and you are Orco.

very funny kept us on our toes trying to keep up :)  …dare I say it be continued … no doubt !!!

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