Brooklyn Kind Of Love

“Can I have your autograph?”
That’s the line that made you laugh
My little Anne Hathaway
Sipping your latte at brunch

Private school in Connecticut
Taught you coffee shop etiquette
My devilish grin and good manners
Pack quite a punch

I hear there’s a bar that’s brand new
With a great east river view
And after a whisky or a few
It’s back to mine for season two
Of a show you’ve never seen
I’ll explain plot points in between kisses
Cause this is a Brooklyn kind of love

My roommate thinks you’re heaven sent
Especially now that we split the rent
Life’s been never sweeter
Then this two-seater financial ride

I dream of children with our face
A doorman and a parking space
Together we can make it
Take it straight to the Upper West Side

Manhattan’s a land of kings
And queens with wedding rings
One day we’ll afford the finer things
Till then let’s wait here in the wings
Drinking in the Hudson sun
Embracing the odds of a million-to-one near misses
Cause this is a Brooklyn kind of love

I knew you were different
Right from the start
You saw through my bow tie
And into my heart
Like the Chrysler shining at night
You’re a star, you’re a star
With you and this city
I need nothing at all
My life is a movie
You’re my Annie Hall
I’m loving where we are
Where we are you’re a star
So can I have your autograph?

Let’s go to that bar for you and me
Where the skyline’s easy to see
We’ll dance till dawn beneath the apple marquee
Then back to ours for season 3
Of that show we’ve both seen
The story of a king and queen
The once Mister and Misses
Like this is a Brooklyn
Like this is a Brooklyn
Like this is a Brooklyn kind of love