Breakdown of “I don’t know how to drive”

New Pledge Music updates are now coming in fast: another new update came in yesterday with the promise of yet another one this Thursday ! There are now just 23 days left to hit JV’s target of 100% , with plenty of new exciting prices up for grabs. Take a look at his Pledge Music campaign page and check out the full update . Oh yes, and the new video: check out the somewhat geographical breakdown of “I don’t know how to drive”

This is what Julian wrote:

“A (Somewhat Factual) Geographic Breakdown of I Don’t Know How To Drive

Happy Tuesday Pledgers!

For your entertainment and edification, I made a video breakdown of my song I Don’t Know How To Drive. Because the song is literally about me not knowing how to drive, I thought I would take a geographic approach. What I quickly realized is the song is not only geographically impossible, it requires elements of time travel to walk the actual route described through Manhattan Watch the video below to and you’ll see what I mean. It makes me slightly embarrassed to call myself a New Yorker.

Be sure to tune back in on Thursday for NEW MUSIC! The music will be new, but I bet you’ll know the song. I’ll be singing a newcover song for you. It’s actually something I’m seriously considering putting not this new record…. more on that in a couple days.

The Pledges keep on coming! We are 61% funded as I type this with 24 days to go. I’m feeling pretty confident we’ll get to 100%. And it’s all thanks you to crazy believers….

Speak Thursday!..”

For the video and indeed to pledge, head to Julian’s campaign page HERE !!!



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