Stop it the closet is empty
Baby go back to bed
You been tossing and turning
You’re learning the world is inside your head

You should ask the Boss why he made the nitetime, Oh yeah
Because the sun down doesn’t mean it’s the right time, Oh yeah
Wonder what it costs to cover such a bright light, Oh yeah
I’ll never understand why he made the nitetime, Oh yeah

Somehow I get the feeling
The boogieman’s on your side
He’s your other your secret brother
Your lost twin, the one you keep locked inside

Twenty years down I’m still afraid of the nitetime, Oh yeah
Do I have what it takes to see the end of my lifetime, Oh yeah
When I was your age I had the same set of bright eyes, Oh yeah
But my questions remain about the heart of the nitetime, Oh yeah

Like why is dark outside?
And why does my face look back at me at the edge of the night?
I try to make some sense inside of me
Cause I gotta believe
That my loving is strong, it can carry along
All the people like me who will never belong
To a world that believes that it’s right
When I know that it’s wrong

Will I ever come to terms with the love of the nitetime
There is so much to learn from the light in my baby’s eyes
How come with so much sun I never look on the bright side?
What I wouldn’t give just to taste one last time
You just keep looking my way and I will keep us away
From everything that must stay in the nitetime