Musta Been Somebody Else

I been listening for your footstep at my door
I’ve done this kind of thing a thousand times or more
And after every time I tell myself it’s over cause it
Doesn’t feel right
It wasn’t that funny but we
Laughed all night
Just like we been buddies
But what about before?
That Must Have Been Somebody Else.

My head is filling up with every kind of dream
A couple buckets I’ll be bursting at the seams
So can’t you tell me something certain
Something more than just it
Doesn’t feel right
I know I’m not funny but you
Laughed all night
You said we’d be buddies
But what about before?
You Must Have Been Somebody Else

Hold on to your love
Cause that’s what got you here
Cause that’s what makes you tough
Hold on with your gloves
We got a hot one here
I didn’t make this up

I been watching children play all afternoon
And I gotta say there are things I never thought I do
Like trip a little kid just to watch him fall
You know it doesn’t look right
I know it’s not funny but they
Laughed all night
So much for your buddies
And what about before
They Must Have Been Somebody Else

The sickness comes and goes and keeps me in my bed
A fatal flower grows from deep inside my head
A single sniff and I go back to every single time it
Felt so right
When it felt so funny it was
Strange and light like a
Feather on your tummy
When I think about before
I wish I’d been somebody else