Glad It’s Over Now

Complications can’t you see what the problem is
Now even strangers say I’m out of my head
You asked for love I gave you plastic explosives instead

Wind me up and set me down
I’m glad it’s over now
Glad to see you’re still around
I’m glad it’s over now
All the problems came and went
They came and went away
Long gone to stay

Come on sister don’t you listen to troubled dreams?
Last night I dreamed of every time that we fought
My whole perspective changed the day I was finally caught

Tie me up and tie me down
I’m glad it’s over now
Fine with me you’re still around
I’m just glad it’s over now
All the bedrooms came and went
Each night was spent just
Holding on the covers so tight
Keeping both ears out for the bumps in the night
Going chick-chick-boom
Pretty soon we would find something out
But what about

Boom boom boom cha boom
Boom boom cha boom cha boom
Bu Bu Boom Boom Boom

Line em’ up and knock em’ down
Can’t you see it’s over now
The time to go has come around
Don’t you see it’s over now
Simon does as Simon says
And Simon says:
Step up to the edge
Keep your hands at your side
Now just jump straight ahead
With your arms open wide
Put the pieces down think I found
What we both figured out
Let’s cut it out