Ghosts In The Water

I am riding on this bus tonight
The kind with all the advertisements
Painted on outside
They clothe the window with a
Sheet of dots that make the lights
Out on the highway look like
Glowing spots of shifting life

I am watching how the moon can change
How smooth she sprouts two arms and
Reaches out to touch my face
She tries to tell me
Everything has always looked this way
She tries to tell me we are

Ghosts in the water baby
That’s all we are
Only spirits rolling by like the
Headlights of cars
That are drifting past my window
Sifting super slow
We are Ghosts In The Water baby

I am listening to this cheap Walkman
It won’t keep closed I have to
Clench it tight inside my hand
If I let go the tape will
Slip and make the music bend
And all the faces here will
Drip into piles of warm wet sand

I am climbing from my reclining seat
I step on top of heads and
Hop my way to the driver’s seat
I take the wheel I try to
Steer us clear to keep things neat
I steer me clear of all these

Ghosts in the water baby
That’s all we are
Lonely puddles in the potholes
We’re waiting on an arm
That can pull us like a power line
I tried but I wasn’t in time to save the
Ghosts in the water baby

I walk back down the aisle in shame
The people stand they smile with pain
And as I pass they pat me on the back
They say it’s okay, okay, I’m okay

I am driving deep inside of me
My heart is working hard
It’s learning how to love for free
Each time I reach for her
My arm comes off goes soft and weak

Ghosts in the water baby
It’s just too much
To be stuck inside a snow globe
With nothing to do but touch
When we hold each other safe
We change each other’s shape
We are ghosts in the water baby