Everyone knows it’s you
Tell me it isn’t true
Call me a liar, set me on fire, tell me I’m wrong
Everyone knows it’s you
Wa woo wa woo
What are we supposed to do
If everyone knows it you?

Everyone’s had enough
Of all the romantic stuff
Call me a sinner, a lonely beginner
At the start of the game

If everyone’s had enough
Where does that leave us?
if everyone’s had enough
Of all of those late nights nights trying to
Keep from crying you have to see our flame is dying
We did our best to pass the test and get the weight up off our chest
It’s the burden that burns
Talking about it only makes it worse

Everyone’s on their own
With no direction home
Point the finger and make me the singer of my favorite band
If everyone ‘s on their own
And everyone hates being alone
Why are we on our own?
Can somebody stay for a little while?
Somebody who makes me laugh and smile
Somebody who waits for that perfect moment to say
What we always hope in our heart is true
Everyone knows that you
Now what are we supposed to do?

Woo woo woo…