New York, I Love It When You’re Mean

Packing my bags into a car
Heading to East L.A.
Nothing but sun up in the sky
But it’s just not the same
Not like the time you left me in stranded in the Bronx
4 in the morning, couldn’t get a cab to stop
Walking out in the cold, it hurt me just to breathe
New York, I love it when you’re mean
When you’re mean to me

Break out the shorts, Go to the gym
Nobody wears long sleeves
People are tan, sculpted and thin
Straight outta magazines
Not like the 7 train on a Monday after 5
Knocking old ladies down to make it home alive
Stuck in the subway like a can of sardines
New York, I love it when you’re mean

Can’t believe I never stopped to notice the million little lights
Inside of each one is somebody’s little life
Who’s in need of stars when you got all these apartments lighting up the night?
I never seen it shine so bright

Some other cities may be easy on the eyes
You see yourself living there, happy till you die
But give it to me real, I don’t wanna live in a dream
New York, I love it when you’re mean
New York, it’s exactly as it seems
New York, you don’t like it you can leave
New York, you don’t know what it means when you’re mean to me