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American Songwriter Magazine is streaming Julian’s new album !!!


The American Songwriter Magazine steamed Julian’s songs and published a little anecdote on how the album came about ! This is what they wrote:

“The Artist: Singer-songwriter and pianist Julian Velard

The Album: New York, I Love It When You’re Mean, his upcoming concept album about the city, out 6/17.

Fun Fact: Velard worked as a street sweeper while studying piano in Paris.

Songwriter Says: “The idea for a New York album started percolating when I was living in London of all places. I moved there and for two years my life was ‘difficult.’ Basic things I had come to take for granted about the city weren’t available to me. I remember my first week in England and hunting for nearly an hour to find an omelet. When I found a restaurant that served eggs, it was an American ‘themed’ diner. I asked for a side of bacon and the waiter looked at me like I was crazy. I think that was the first time I began to realize how deeply NYC was embedded in my DNA. It took moving to the other side of the Atlantic to appreciate the essence of the city I was born and raised in. That and some eggs.”

To listen to the songs, check out the link: HERE !!!

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