2006 “The Movies Without You ” was released

It really has been 10 years since Julian brought out the EP “The Movies without you”, and yet it seems like only yesterday…Julian’s music has gone from strength to strength with many more EPs and CDs since then. Soon there wil be a new CD to add to the JV collection ! To catch up with all his music to date it is best to be subscribed to Julian’s bandcamp page ! You can do HERE !!!

This is what Julian posted:
“Ten years ago almost to the day I released an EP that changed my life. Before those 6 songs I was a public school gym teacher. Pretty soon after they came out I was major label artist living in London. A decade later I’m still making music for a living, and that’s a gift anyway you cut it. If there’s any lesson I’ve learned along the way it’s that you’re only a song away from your dreams. Keep making your tunes kids. The future is more surprising than anything you can imagine.”

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